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Geologists of Jackson Hole

November 2014 public programs

In conjunction with Teton Co. Library

All free & open to the Public at 6 p.m.


November 5 (Wednesday), 6 p.m., Teton Co. Library Auditorium - Open to Public. Presentation: "Global warming is caused by ozone depletion, not greenhouse gases”. Presented by Peter Ward, retired USGS & Geologists of Jackson Hole member.

Global mean surface temperatures have remained essentially constant for the past 16 years. Warming predicted by climate models has not occurred even though atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide continue to increase at higher and higher rates. These observations are clear and they are very difficult to explain using the greenhouse-gas theory of global warming. They are, however, readily explained by the well-observed increase in ozone depletion at times when the Earth is warmed.

Ozone is continually formed and destroyed in an endless cycle maintaining an ozone layer in the stratosphere 12 to 19 miles above Earth. These chemical reactions are caused by the highest-energy ultraviolet radiation reaching the lower atmosphere from the sun, and they warm the atmosphere. When less ozone than usual is produced or more is destroyed, more of this high-energy solar radiation reaches Earth, cooling the stratosphere and warming Earth.

Most scientists calculate the flow of thermal energy through space using equations that assume radiation travels in the form of waves and that there are more wavelengths of infrared energy than of ultraviolet energy. But waves are a physical property of matter, forming when the bonds that hold solid matter together are deformed. There is no matter in space and there are no bonds holding matter together in space or holding gas molecules together in Earth’s atmosphere. Thermal energy travels as frequency, just like radio signals, where energy is equal to frequency times a constant. This means that ultraviolet thermal energy reaching Earth when ozone is depleted is 50 times more energetic than infrared thermal energy absorbed by greenhouse gases. There simply is not enough energy involved with greenhouse gases to explain global warming. Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases will not substantially reduce global warming.

This talk is the kickoff to a global effort to communicate this controversial new insight into why the globe warmed more than one degree Fahrenheit between 1970 and 1998 and why the globe has warmed and cooled throughout geologic time.

November 18 (Tuesday), 6 p.m., Teton Co. Library Auditorium - Open to Public. Presentation: " The Incredible Jurassic fossils of Germany!”. Presented by Doug Bradstreet, By Nature Gallery, & Mike Scher, Geologists of Jackson Hole.

Doug Bradstreet of By Nature Gallery and Mike Scher of the Geologists of Jackson Hole will explain the geology and significance of the world famous lagerstatte (place of storage) of the Holzmaden and Solnhofen quarries of Germany.  Sites with fossil preservation this spectacular are rare anywhere on earth, and these sites source some of the world's most wonderfully preserved, beautiful, and scientifically important fossils. In addition to a replica of the bird/dinosaur Archaeopteryx there will be numerous museum quality specimens from both of these locations at the library. Come time travel with us back to an ancient Jurassic world of 150 million years ago; learn something about what that world and life was like, and view  and learn about the fossils of the creatures who once thrived there.

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Oct 27, 2014

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