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Our mission is to inform and educate our members and community about earth science related matters – their broad scope and importance to all of us.

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We encourage anyone with an interest in earth science, regardless of their educational background, to become a member of the Geologists of Jackson Hole. To learn more about joining, please visit our membership information page. Click here for a membership application.

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We hold monthly trips and events. Click below for more information.


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Public Programs
in Conjunction with
Teton Co. Library

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Unless otherwise notified all programs are held at 6 p.m in the Teton County Library Auditorium.


 6/6 (Tuesday), 6 p.m.,  What punctuates the geologic time scale?  Presented by Peter L. Ward, Geologists of Jackson Hole.  Summary

6/20 (Tuesday), 6 p.m.,  Wyoming’s Ancient Ecosystems: Paleontological and Geochemical Evidence of Ecosystem Change over the last 65 Million Years. Presented by Mark Clementz, University of Wyoming, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics. Summary

Recent Presentations 

5/16 Public  Energy in Wyoming & the World: Critical Choices & Costs!  Presented by John J Hebberger Jr., Geologists of Jackson Hole  Summary

5/2 Public  Detrital zircons and the intriguing problem of the Late Cretaceous Harebell Formation and the Targhee Uplift  Presented by Paul Link, Geosciences Department, Idaho State University  Summary

4/4  (Tuesday) Public,  “Hawaiian geology and the Geologists of Jackson Hole field trip”. Presented by John Guslander, Mike Adler, Geologists of Jackson Hole.  Summary Video

4/18 The Wyoming State Geological Survey: Its mission & contribution to Wyoming and the United States  Presented by Tom Drean, Director & State Geologist, Wyoming State Geological Survey.  Summary

3/7 Public Drones and Geology.  Donna Delirate, ISU  Summary Video


3/21 Public  Astrobiology in Wyoming (aka The search for extra- terrestrial life in Wyoming?)
Ski Smaglik, CWC  Summary Video

Members Only Events

June 21 Jackson Whole Grocer – From River Horses to Sea Cows: Using Stable Isotope Analysis to Identify SemiAquatic Mammals in the Fossil Record.  Mark Clementz, Uwy.