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Our mission is to inform and educate our members and community about earth science related matters – their broad scope and importance to all of us.

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Public Programs
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Teton Co. Library

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Unless otherwise notified all programs are held at 6 p.m in the Teton County Library Auditorium.


2/20   Documenting Ancient Wasatch Fault Earthquakes    Presented by Alexis Ault, Utah State University. Summary

3/6  Gulf of Mexico: Geology and Evolution of the Petroleum Industry. Presented by Cynthia Blankenship, Geologists of Jackson Hole. Summary

3/20 Reproduction in Troodon Formosus, America’s First Dinosaur”. Presented by David Varricchio, Montana State University. Summary

Recent Presentations 

2/6  Exploring Our Solar System: Pluto and Mars Revealed Presented by Mike Adler, Geologists of Jackson Hole.  Video Summary –  Slides

1/16  The Discovery, Development, & Demise of Wyoming’s Atlantic City Iron Mine. Presented by Chuck Dahl, Geologists of Jackson Hole. Summary

1/8 (MONDAY) Global Warming 101 – or Everything you wanted to know about our changing climate (But were too afraid to ask). Presented by Mike Adler, Geologists of Jackson Hole. Video  Summary

12/14 (Thursday!),  “ Extraordinary in the Ordinary: The Hubble telescope – great images, incredible science”. Presented by Samuel Singer, Wyoming Stargazing. Video Summary

11/6 (Monday!) Reconstructing Early Paleogene forests, food webs and climate using the fossil leaves of Wyoming”. Presented by Esther Pinheiro, University of Wyoming  Summary Video


Members Only Events

2/21  Jackson Whole Grocer 12:15 AM to 1:30 PM. Nanoscale evidence for transient rheology during a single earthquake  Alexis Ault,UT State U