Education Programs and Speakers

One of the primary aims of the Geologists of Jackson Hole is to help educate themselves and the public about the hugely varied, spectacular and geologically active region in which they are living. The existing programs , activities, diverse field trips, social functions and lectures are the primary thrust of this education.

We are happy to announce a new program of scholarship awards for high school students intending to go on and study Earth Science.  Information/Application 

We also offer the public documentation on the website of our lectures and activities for further study: Programs.  We have knowledgeable members and contributors that have made suggestions of interesting and relevant information that they have found to be timely, relevant and outstanding websites about our natural world that are good sources for ongoing education go to geo-links

Our outreach programs aim to extend the existing activities to reach both school age children and adult groups, whether visiting or local. Our mission is to inform and educate our members and community about earth science related matters – their broad scope and importance to all of us.

For more information about possible school programs go to children’s programs.  Adult education is discussed here.