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Upgrading Membership is a 2-step process; both done right on this page.

1. Fill out a Membership application:

To upgrade, you must already be a Member, at either the Individual level or Family.

Click on the correct level of membership you want.              You only need to fill out your name and email address.

A. Upgrade from Individual to Family Membership ($15) :  Family Membership

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2. Please pay your dues.

If you can, please pay on-line here as it saves a lot of work for our volunteers.  You can use Credit cards or Paypal.  You do NOT need a Paypal account;  they simply guarantee the security of the transaction.  You will be directed to the secure Paypal site to do this.  When complete, a receipt will be sent to your email address and you will be directed back to this site.  The treasurer will be notified of your payment.  Or you can send a check to the GJH Treasurer –  P.O.Box 11184, Jackson, WY 83002

Be sure to choose the desired Membership level first: To Upgrade your Membership here, select the membership level below and click on the Pay Now button.

Membership Upgrade

You can pay by check and send it to our Treasurer.  Fill out the on-line application above and then mail the check to:

GJH treasurer, P.O.Box 11184, Jackson, WY 83002

Upgrade Individual to Family  or Family to Sustaining        $15


Note:  Your email address is your ID in this system.  Please remember which one you use.  You can change your email address by Updating Your Profile on the link at the bottom of any Newsletter.



Moonset over Willow Flats


Donations to Geologists of Jackson Hole can also be made in any amount.  Your donations will allow us to enhance our ability to bring high quality, out-of-state speakers to our community and increase our in-school participation and outreach to youth.  Click on Donations page.