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In the mid-1990s, a small group of geologists formed the Geologists of Jackson Hole (GJH) because they felt it important to educate themselves and the public about the hugely varied, spectacular and geologically active region in which they were living. Since then, the GJH has grown dramatically and become more diverse—involving not only geologists but also anyone keenly interested in the earth, oceans, atmosphere, and stars around us. The GJH membership now consists of more than 250 individuals, representing active and retired geoscientists, engineers, accountants, lawyers, physicians, teachers, consultants, and a wide range of other community members interested in local, regional, and global geology and earth-science issues. From its inception, the GJH has organized many field trips, very popular bi-weekly presentations for the general public by exceptional scientists from around the country, and more focused meetings among members on selected topics. In addition, the GJH has provided educational outreach to local schools and visiting students, including classroom talks and short field trips. In recent years, GJH members with expert knowledge have informally advised local government agencies on matters involving potential geologic impact. This website, first developed in 2006, serves as a key information resource—for members and non-members—about the past, current, and future activities of the GJH. It also provides access to archives of the summaries, slides, and videos of most of the past GJH-related presentations. We invite you to browse our webpages!

We encourage anyone with an interest in earth and other natural sciences, regardless of their educational or professional background, to become a member of the Geologists of Jackson Hole. To learn more about joining, please visit our membership information page.

As of June 2023 the organization had 230 paid members and 800+ friends on the email distribution list.


Board Officers

Cynthia Blankenship

Vice President:
John A. Willott

John Guslander

Dan Creighton

Board Members

Mike Adler
Bill Newcomb
Mike Scher
Bob Tilling