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As a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, our mission is to inform and educate our members and community about earth science related matters – their broad scope and importance to all of us.

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We encourage anyone with an interest in earth science, regardless of their educational background, to become a member of the Geologists of Jackson Hole. To learn more about joining, please visit our membership information page. Click here for a membership application.

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Teton County Library

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Help  our mission by contributing to Old Bill’s Fun Run from August through Sept.18, 2020. Description

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Due to the COVID 19 outbreak, all public programs will be Live Digital presentations in conjunction with the Teton County Library using Zoom. You are welcome to view the live presentations using the Zoom meeting link and password listed for each presentation...

Upcoming Live Digital Presentations

October 6th (Tuesday), 6 p.m., via Zoom (online) – Open to Public. Presentation: “Geology of Eastern Canada and the Eastern United States”; Presented by Mike Adler, Geologists of Jackson Hole.  Summary

Join Zoom Meeting:
Topic: Geology of Eastern Canada and the Eastern United States
Time: Oct 6, 2020 05:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 815 8837 7733
Passcode: 779837

Recent Presentations   

September 1st (Tuesday), 6 p.m., via Zoom (online) – Open to Public. Presentation: Ore Deposits of Wyoming”; Presented by Simone Runyon, University of Wyoming. Summary

August 18th (Tuesday), 6 p.m., LIVE via ZOOM:  “Idaho’s Dinosaurs: They Dug Their Own Graves”  Presented by – Dr. L.J. Krumenacker, Department of Geological Sciences and Idaho Museum of Natural History, ISU.  Summary


July 7th (Tuesday), 6 p.m., Digitally presented on ZOOM – Open to Public. Presentation: “The First People & Last Mammoths in Wyoming, Presented by Todd Surovell, University of Wyoming.   Video SUMMARY 

June 16 (Tuesday) 6 P.M. in conjunction with the Teton County Library, “A Storm of Stars: A Living History of the Milky Way” Presented by Shane Larson, NW University  SummaryVideo Available on YouTube

May 19 (Tuesday) 6 P.M. in conjunction with the Teton County Library, “Recent History of the Teton Fault” presented by Glenn Thackray, Idaho State University. Zoom Meeting:  Summary  Video Available on YouTube.


April 21, 2020 on Zoom.  Summary: Geologic Hazards of the Jackson Hole Area Presented by Cynthia Blankenship, co-authored by John Hebberger Jr., The Geologists of Jackson Hole. Video Available on YouTube

April 7 Jupiter Rediscovered presented by Mike Adler  Video Available on YouTube


Members Only Events


Field Trip to the Thermopolis Dinosaur Museum postponed.

Our annual Barbecue in August is also cancelled..