Education Experiences and Testimonials

The outreach program of the Geologists of Jackson Hole reaches successfully to nearby schools and youth programs.  The enthusiasm of our presenters inspires the young people and is gratefully acknowledged by their teachers. During years 2011- 2016  we have enriched the lives of 1600 students with field trips and classroom presentations.


Teaching Geology

“The students couldn’t stop talking about their geology experiences with you…you have inspired some future geologists….”  The Journey School of the Teton Science School, field trip to Gros Vente Slide, June, 2016

“Thank you Mike!  Our kids loved the presentations and we are so grateful to you for making the trek over to spend the morning with us!  I know that the powerpoint with the older kids was very age appropriate and they were very engaged.”  Learning Academy, May, 2016

wind River Canyou Field trip

” very pleased with their enthusiasm and content knowledge…animations- like the colored Teton cross section … great for visualizing” JHMS, Oct 2016


Here is a letter from the Journey School: