2013 Programs and Materials

01/15/13  – Astronomical Images and Using Them to Understand the Structure and Growth of the Universe
Mike Adler

01/22/13 – Seismic Imaging: a powerful tool for understanding the earth
John Hebberger Jr

01/24/13 -Ancient oceans and climate change: Evidence in the Snake River Canyon
John Guslander – MATERIALS

02/05/13 – Creation of GTN Park: Little Known Facts
Wayne Johnson – MATERIALS

02/19/13 – WY temperature trends in a 15,000 year context
Bryan Shuman – MATERIALS

02/21/12 – Millennial-scale droughts in Wyoming’s Past: Evidence from Lake Sediments
Bryan Shuman, UW

03/05/13 – The Slippery Slope from Gelogy to Lapidary
David Anderson

03/19/13 – What ARE Some of those Rocks in the Snake River Canyon???
John Guslander – MATERIALS

03/21/13 – Understanding the Universe from the Big Bang to now and into the Distant Future
Mike Adler – MATERIALS

04/02/13 – Ozone depletion caused by man and by volcanism appears to be the primary cause of global warming
Peter Ward

04/16/13 – Catching the Biggest Fish in the Permian Sea
Leif Tapanila, IS

04/18/13 – Virtual “Tour” of Grand Canyon – inner gorge
Charlie Woodward

05/07/13 – Kayaking the geology of British Columbia
John Sharsmith – MATERIALS

05/21/13 – The Yellowstone Hotspot – Landscape evolution and crustal deformation
David Rodgers, IS

05/23/13 – Wine, whisky and beer: the role of Geology
Alex Maltman

06/04/13 – Critical Materials and Rare Earth Metals
Dr. David Miller, INL

06/18/13 – Six Decades of Glaciers and Climate in the Teton Range
Glenn Thackary, IS

06/20/13 – Grand Canyon: Geology & recent members trip
John Hebberger

07/02/13 – Extremophiles and their Role in Earth System Processes
Greg Dick, UM

07/16/13 – New Earthquake and Crustal Deformation Models of the Yellowstone Crustal Magma Reservoir
Jamie Farrell, UU

07/18/13 – Up around the bend in Wyoming: Tectonic evolution of the Sevier fold-thrust belt and the Laramide foreland
Adolph Yonkee

08/06/13 – An Overview of the Wyoming State Geological Survey and its Contributions to the State
Tom Drean, WSGS

08/15/13 – Lava Mt and Crescent Mt volcanics
Dave Adams

08/20/13 – Oceanic Intraplate Vocanism: Eruptions Hawaiian Style

08/24/13 – South Pass & Beyond: 2.7 BY of earth & Wyoming History
Guslander, Hebberger, Dahl

09/03/13 – Treking in Scotland and Following the Birth of Modern Geology
Mike Adler – MATERIALS

09/07/13 – Annual BBQ & members party
Dahls & Biebers – PHOTOS 

09/17/13 – The Largest Volcanic Eruption in North America  –  EVER! (bigger than Yellowstone)
Scott Adams – MATERIALS

09/19/13 – Renaissance or Meltdown?  The Economics of Nuclear Power after Fukushima
Charles Mason

10/01/13 – Fallen Stars: All About Meteorites
Doug Bradstreet – MATERIALS   Video

10/15/13 – Wyoming’s Energy Storehouse: A critical resource amongst US & Global demand
John Hebberger Jr – MATERIALS

10/17/13 – Snow, Avalanches, and Runouts in Teton Co
Rod Newcomb

11/19/13 – Teton County Landfill – Toward Cleanup and Sustainability
Bob Wemple, Heather Overholser, Mike Dukart

11/21/13 – Oil & Gas Investment: Big Company & Individual Investor  –  what is important?