2018 Programs and Materials


1/8 (MONDAYGlobal Warming 101 – or Everything you wanted to know about our changing climate (But were too afraid to ask). Presented by Mike Adler, Geologists of Jackson Hole.  Slides Video  –  Summary 

1/16  The Discovery, Development, & Demise of Wyoming’s Atlantic City Iron Mine. Presented by Chuck Dahl, Geologists of Jackson Hole. Video Summary

1/17  What you see in the rocks:  Explained by Geochemistry.  Presented by John Guslander, Geologists of Jackson Hole  Video     PowerPoint       

2/6 (Tuesday)  Exploring Our Solar System: Pluto and Mars Revealed Presented by Mike Adler, Geologists of Jackson Hole Video –  Summary  –    Slides

2/20 (Tuesday)   Documenting Ancient Wasatch Fault Earthquakes    Presented by Alexis Ault, Utah State University. Video  Summary

3/6  Gulf of Mexico: Geology and Evolution of the Petroleum Industry. Presented by Cynthia Blankenship, Geologists of Jackson Hole. Video Summary

3/20 Reproduction in Troodon Formosus, America’s First Dinosaur. Presented by David Varricchio, Montana State University. Video Summary

April 3,  6 PM – TC Library –  The Eastern Snake River Plain:  A volcanic wonderland. Presented by Mike McCurry, Idaho State University, Department of Geosciences Video  Summary

April 17, 6 PMPresbyterian Church of Jackson Hole – John Wesley Powell and the Reimagination of the Arid West, Presented by Tom MinckleyUniversity of Wyoming, Department of Geography Video Summary

April 20-22  Field Trip to Southern Idaho  South Central Idaho, April 20-22, 2018

April 18,  12:15 PM – Jackson Senior Center – Environmental History of the Big Horn Basin, Presented by Tom Minckley  Video

May 1,  6 PM – TC Library – Zircons are Forever: Oxygen isotopes and zircons. Presented by Liz King, GJH Video  Summary 

May 15, 6 PM – TC Library – Carbon and Climate: Lessons from Wyoming’s Past.. Presented by Gabriel Bowen, Univ. of UT Video Summary

May 16,  12:15 PM – Jackson Senior Center – Rock Hounding in Wyoming by Mike Maurer, Geologists of Jackson Hole Video

June 5, 6 p.m.,TC Library: Monitoring the Structural Health of Rock ArchesPresented by Jeff Moore, University of Utah Video Materials  Summary

June 19, 6 p.m., TC Library –  Yellowstone’s NOT-so-super eruptions, Presented by Tiffany Rivera, Westminster College of Salt Lake City Video Summary

June 20, 12:15 p.m., Jackson Senior CenterDeciphering the Dynamics of a Magma Chamber with Microscopic Zircon, Presented by Tiffany Rivera, Westminster College of Salt Lake City Video Summary

July 3  TC Library 6 p.m. – Oxygenation of Earth’s Atmosphere: rotation & day length dependent?

Presented by Gregory Dick, Univ.Mich. Video Summary

July 7 Pleistocene Geology of Jackson Hole Field Trip  Summary Slide Show

July 17  TC Library 6 p.m. – Dynamic glacial & tectonic history of the Teton Range as recorded by lakes in GTN Park, Presented by Darren Larsen, Occidental College. Video1 Video2  Summary

August 5 – GJH Members Barbecue Pictures

August 10-12. Field Trip to Central Idaho – Central Idaho – Paul Link – August, 2018