Periodic Spring Field Trip - October 8, 2018

 Field Trip – Final one of 2018
 Wyoming’s unique “Periodic Spring”
Location: Outside of Afton, WY.
Where to meet: At the south side of Smith’s parking lot near St. John’s Urgent Care.
When: Monday, 8 October; 11:30.
Trip Leaders: GJH Members: Susan and Jack Hales 
Return: Approximately late dinner time.
What is it? The Periodic Spring is just that, a spring which flows, then doesn’t, then flows, and then doesn’t.   The cause of the periodic discharge is genuinely unknown, though there certainly is speculation on the subject. As shown in the photo of the sign at the spring provides what seems to be the best guess as to how it works. You will see at the mouth of the spring, a small cave, and there will be a pool of water but no flow. Then after a bit you will hear a gurgling, and shortly see a quite robust flow of water issue from the mouth of the spring and flow downhill in a rush. It is quite an amazing experience. This is certainly unique in the US West, and around the entire globe.
Meet on October 8 at 11:30 at the S. end of the Smith’s parking lot, near the St John’s Urgent Care.  Mike Adler will greet attendees and car-pooling will be arranged.  Then, the group will drive south to the Afton Civic Center to meet Susan and Jack.  We will then drive to the trailhead which is about 5 miles away. 
The hike starts on an old road which is easy going along Swift Creek for about a half mile.  The last bit of the hike is a path up the canyon which gets steeper.  A hiking pole would be a good idea.  This section of the path is about 200 yds. There is a picnic table where people can rest and view the springs without taking the steeper path.
Contact Virginia or Mike Adler by email if you have any questions about Periodic springthe field trip