Jackson Hole Glacial Geology - July 7, 2018

Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

This field trip explores the history of faulting, glaciation, and the passage of the Yellowstone Hotspot in the Jackson Hole area. We will examine evidence of glacial processes and faulting at eight stops on this 1 day field trip. We will also discuss feedbacks between
climate, vegetation, and fire history in the region, and how these factors influence rates of geomorphic change.

Trip Leader: Dr. Ken Pierce, USGS (retired).. Since 1965, Ken Pierce has conducted research onPierce
the geologic and environmental history of Yellowstone and surrounding regions. Dr. Pierce’s
areas of expertise include the glacial history of the western U.S., new dating methods for
Quaternary deposits, geoarchaeology, Quaternary faulting and neotectonics, the Yellowstone
hotspot and associated volcanism.
Co-leader: Dr. Jen Pierce, Boise State University. Dr. Jen Pierce is an Associate Professor at
Boise State in the Department of Geosciences, where she has been since 2005. Her research
focuses on wildfires, climate change, and landscape response; she is also committed to
improving climate science education and outreach. Trip Log Details Slide Show