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Colorado & New Mexico



International Trips

New Zealand  Detailed information


Scotland, Cradle of Geology

Day and Weekend Trips

Mines and Mining field trip    Itinerary  Full Description.

Snow King geology  Detailed information

Intermittent Springs, Afton WY field trip

Flaming Gorge and Dinosaur trip  Details

Idaho National Laboratories  Itinerary



Pleistocene Geology of Jackson Hole    Video

South Central Idaho

Green River Field Trip

Snake River Plains Volcanics  Materials

Eocene of the Green River basin

Minerals and Fossils of the Nature Gallery Video

Agrium Phosphate Mine

Over the Top: Beartooth Mountains

Dubois Badlands

Fossil Quarry, Trona mines

Museum of Idaho

Utah Natural History Museum

South Pass

Yellowstone: Caldera Deformation

Wind River Canyon 

The Jonah Gas Field, Pinedale    Host: Encana Oil & Gas.

WY Dinosaur quarry and museum, Legend Rock

Algal Mounds Walk- Materials

INL Labs and Craters of the Moon