Links From Members and Friends

Members and friends of the Geologists of Jackson Hole are invited to share their favorite links on earth sciences.  Send your link to:
Here are some links received.
Abby – September 2016.  “As the mom of a 6th grader (I can’t believe school started last week!) I’ve been looking for information on volcanoes to share with my daughter. She has her first project assignment in her earth science class, all about geology. Your page has been a big help to us! As a thank you, I wanted to send you this guide that Karina found.”  A Kid’s Guide To Volcanoes.
Karen Jerger – August 2017.  Washington’s Ice Age Floods  “My daughter sent this and I liked the presentation format (lots o’ pictures for us non-geology types, a mix of maps and photos,  text accompanying the graphics”)
Keri Evans – January 2019.   Your site is fantastic and I’ve been using it as a resource material for my class. I have found another useful resource that I’m now also using a site Volcanoes Information and Resources for Kids.   I have read the article and found it to be exceptionally educational which is why I decided to write to you.  If you can add it to your resource page, I think it would be helpful to others as well.