Returning to the Moon: The Adventure Begins (Again) on Earth

Presentation: “Returning to the Moon: The Adventure Begins (Again) on Earth”, by Dr. Shannon Kobs Nawotniak, ISU

December 5th (Tuesday), 6 p.m., Social half-hour; please join us from 5:30-6:00  to enjoy free soft drinks and appetizers before our talk begins!

Live at the Teton County Library & Via Zoom (online)

Humans last set foot on the Moon more than 50 years ago during the Apollo 17 mission. NASA’s new Artemis mission program is set to bring us back in the next few years, putting people on the south pole of the Moon and expanding on our current robotic missions searching for water and other volatiles that could be used as in situ resources. Technology has come a long way since 1972, and so have our goals for integrating science and exploration. Dr. Kobs Nawotniak, a professor at ISU and member of multiple past and ongoing NASA research projects, will talk about the new direction of lunar exploration and her participation in the first “dress rehearsal” simulations to prepare for the Artemis 3 mission. 

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Topic: Returning to the Moon: The Adventure Begins (Again) on Earth

Time: Tuesday December 5th, 2023 06:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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