Trekking The High Himalaya

February 2014

Geology, Scenery, & Trekking: The High Himalaya”.  by Mike Adler, Geologists of Jackson Hole.

During two trips to Nepal & the high Himalaya Mike enjoyed incredible scenery, studied how the world’s highest mountains were formed, and photographed the incredible scenery & geology of the area. His talk will explain the creation of the Himalayas during the continental collision of India and Asia, ongoing for the past 50 million years. The result is a 2000 kilometer long, still forming mountain range that is simultaneously being rapidly uplifted AND eroded. The scenery and geology of the Annapurna-Dhaulagiri area will first be explored, where Mike walked through rocks formed in the deep crust that are now exposed in canyon walls & mountain sides; sunrise on two 8,000m+ peaks was a highlight. Photos of the Everest region will follow, where rocks formed in an ancient sea are today seen atop the world’s highest peak. Mountain forming faults are evident in dramatic photos of four 8,000m+ peaks taken from “mere 5500m” peaks.