Energy in Wyoming

April 7  2015  ” Energy in Wyoming, the World: Choices & Costs”.

Presented by John J Hebberger Jr., Geologists of Jackson Hole.

Hype, hyperbole!, there are plenty of both when it comes to discussion about energy & energy use, whether locally or globally. And since abundant energy is crucial to our State, our nation, indeed our global society, it is truly extremely important that we all have a better understanding of where it comes from, and what costs result from ALL the types of energy sources that are in use or may become available.

This talk explained how important Wyoming’s produced energy and energy resources are to the United States’ and indeed the world’s very way of life. It will explore what energy use looks like across the globe today and out into coming decades  –  and how a “quick-fix” to solve problems that arise from energy creation & use is unrealistic. Significant past changes in national and / or global energy use have required decades to occur, whether from wood to coal, coal to oil,  or from oil to natural gas. Can the future be different? Choices face us all as individuals and countries and being well informed about them will better enable all of us to make sound choices for ourselves and for our children.