Phosphates from Idaho

April 21 2015:  “How Rock from Idaho Helps Feed the World”. Presented by Julia Fletcher,  Steve Gilmer, & Brody Gibson, Agrium Inc.

People can’t eat rocks! – but life requires that we ALL have a regular dose of minerals in our diets. Some rocks are known as minerals (potassium, calcium, iron…), which are a requisite part of healthy nutrition.  These and other minerals, including phosphate, are fundamental building blocks for plants such as grains and vegetables  –  and for life itself.  When these crops are harvested, those minerals are removed from the field, and must be replenished to achieve the sustainable agriculture that now feeds 7+ billion people on our planet.

 Our speakers discussed the Western United States’ unique geology which makes it a vital source of phosphate.  They will also discuss how this important nutrient is mined right next door in Southeastern Idaho, and the way that it’s transformed into a useable product for farmers.  Phosphate fertilizers are one aspect of being able to feed an ever increasing world population, allowing use of less land than otherwise would be necessary.  This allows our nation and indeed the world to preserve more acreage for other uses, such as environmental habitats, rather than for agriculture.

 Come learn about the Western Phosphate Field, mine exploration, operations, and reclamation.  Discover the transformation of ore to fertilizer, that then becomes food on our tables.