Craters of the Moon - Amazing Story

November 15, 2016  ” Craters of the Moon and its Amazing Geologic Story”. Presented by Doug Owens, National Park Service.

Like a bit of Hawaii, or perhaps Iceland – the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve has some of the best preserved volcanic features in the Lower 48 states. Oregon Trail Emigrants were both amazed and dismayed at what they found, the young lava field forcing them to either detour south near the Snake River or follow the northern route of the Oregon Trail, which is called Goodale’s Cut Off, that pinched them between the lava field and the Pioneer Mountains.

Have you ever wondered why the largest geologically young basaltic lava field in the lower 48 states (the Craters of the Moon Lava Field—-618 square miles) is on the Eastern Snake River Plain and how it relates to Yellowstone? It is definitely intimately related to Yellowstone, but how and why?  Join a retired National Park Service Geologist and Education Specialist and take a virtual tour of the Monument and its geologic story in order to understand this local natural wonder.