Eastern Snake River Volcanics

big-southern-butteOn October 7 – 9, 2016, the Geologists of Jackson Hole had a field trip to see and learn about Eastern Snake River Volcanics, at locations several hours west in Idaho, The trip was led by Shannon Kobs-Nowatniak & Scott Hughes, faculty from Idaho State University’s Geoscience Department.

The area we visited is the type location for Eastern Snake River Plains volcanism and is considered a top analog for lunar and Martian volcanism. Dr.s Kobs-Nowatniak & Hughes are currently doing research with NASA using many of these sites to better understand volcanism on other planetary bodies, and they will emphasize those connections.
We were lucky to explore the geology and spectacular scenery guided by Idaho State University Experts.  We ahd a great time on this camping trip.

Slides from the Field Trip