Extraordinary in the Ordinary

The Hubble telescope - great images, incredible science

12/14 (Thursday),   Extraordinary in the Ordinary: The Hubble telescope – great images, incredible science”. Presented by Samuel Singer, Wyoming Stargazing.

When the Hubble Space Telescope was put into orbit, in 1990, no one knew that there were planets beyond those in our solar system; we had no idea about the number of stars in our galaxy or the number of galaxies in the universe – and much, so much, more. For well over twenty years now Hubble has provided what are arguably the most mesmerizing images of space ever taken, and contributed greatly to our understanding of the universe. The scientific discoveries made through the Hubble data have fundamentally changed how we understand and think about the universe – and so many of the images have thoroughly captivated the public. As we stand on the cusp of the next generation of space and ground based telescopes it is appropriate to reflect on how Hubble has changed our perspective – forever. Join Dr. Samuel Singer, Founder and Executive Director of Wyoming Stargazing, Jackson’s own astronomy nonprofit, as he explains the extraordinary nature of the Hubble Space Telescope and shares thoughts about the even bigger and more capable telescopes that are just around the corner. Video