Weather and Climate of Jackson Hole

Presented by Jim Woodmencey, Mountain Weather. Video

As the saying goes, “Climate is what we expect. Weather is what we get.”

The weather we get on a daily basis is dependent upon the current weather pattern.

Over time, it is the cumulative affect of these weather patterns that determines our climate, establishing what we consider to be our “average” or “normal” weather.

Weather patterns are constantly changing as they are affected by a number of different factors, such as, El Nino and La Nina. This talk will explore how different weather patterns impact Jackson Hole’s weather, in general, and our winter weather in particular. As well as, how those changing weather patterns have shaped our local climate over the last 60-some years.

Jim Woodmencey is Jackson Hole’s nonpareil meteorologist (so says John Hebberger Jr. – and he’s sticking to this statement!), and whether you regularly follow Jim’s forecasts or not, if you wish to understand the weather that affects each of us daily, throughout the year, then this is the talk that you should incorporate into your “to-do” calendar.