A Geologic Tour of the Jackson Hole Area



September 18  Presentation: “A Geologic Tour of the Jackson Hole Area, Presented by John Hebberger (Jr.), Geologists of Jackson Hole.

Northwestern Wyoming and Jackson Hole in particular is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with millions of visitors from across the globe traveling to enjoy it each year. What most do not recognize is that ALLof what one sees and wonders at is a result of more than 2.7 billion years of geologic events and geologic history. This “tour” of that geologic history will provide the audience with a basis to see, understand, and much better appreciate what draws so many visitors.

Our area is a result of and evidence can be seen of: 1)) The earliest known “Himalayan Style” continental collision event; 2))The break-up of the super continent that existed BEFORE the Pangea super continent; 3))500 million years of Wyoming’s existence at & near sea level; 4))The continental scale compressional event that formed nearly ALL of Wyoming’s towering mountains & deep basins; 5))A major volcanic event that today we see evidence of with the Absaroka Mountains; 6))The advent of the Yellowstone volcano which migrated from the ID-NV-OR states’ borders to its present location just north of Jackson Hole; 7))Onset of the continental scale extensional event which formed the American West’s “Basin & Range” province, and which is forming the Teton Range and Jackson Hole today; 8))Major glacial episodes, from alpine style valley glaciers to a quasi-continental style of ice sheet that entirely filled Jackson Hole.

Also discussed will be cutting-edge research pertaining to the Teton Fault, which might explain why the fault seems to currently be “locked” (inactive). This is something that is important to all of us as residents, and to our millions of annual visitors.  Video

A place like no other on earth, the audience will be able to appreciate it much more as a result of this presentation.