Yellowstone and Other Geologic Hazards of NW Wyoming

April 2  Presentation: Yellowstone & Other Geologic hazards of NW Wyoming”, Presented by Cynthia Blankenship & John Hebberger Jr., Geologists of Jackson Hole.

Northwest Wyoming – Jackson Hole’s spectacular scenery and wildlife draw residents and ~3.5 million visitors each year to enjoy the natural wonders — all of which are a direct result of the area’s geology. But this geology brings hazards: some small, some frequent, some major but very infrequent. In this talk Cynthia and John will cover the scope of these events and what they could mean for both residents and visitors. These range from the Yellowstone Volcano (extremely infrequent!), to earthquakes, to floods, to landslides and snow avalanches. A clear understanding of the evidence that has been collected by researchers, of what one can see in and near Jackson Hole of these phenomena will be conveyed to the audience. Discussed will be the scope of potential impact and what might be expected during each of these natural events. Teton County Emergency Management (TCEM) will be on hand to address what can be done in order to be prepared for the possibility of these phenomena.  


TCEM would also very much appreciate your help. “An updated Teton County, WY Hazard Mitigation Plan will help achieve important local goals like reducing the vulnerability of citizens, critical facilities, infrastructure, private property, and the natural environment throughout the county. Your input will help us develop a stronger plan with realistic goals and will help the County implement successful mitigation projects to keep you safe!” Even if you cannot make it to the presentation,please take the survey: County Emergency Management thanks you!