Recent History of the Teton Fault

 May 19th (Tuesday), 6 p.m., Digitally presented on ZOOM – Open to Public. Presentation: “Artisan fault trenching and the recent history of the Teton fault, Presented by Glenn Thackray, Idaho State University.

The last five years have seen several new efforts to improve our knowledge of the Teton fault, its earthquake history, and its impact on the Teton-Jackson Hole landscape.  Fault trenching projects at five locations along the fault, from Steamboat Mountain to Ski Lake, have greatly expanded what we know about the most recent 2-3 earthquake events, spanning the last 10,000 years of regional geologic history.  New ages of faulted glacial landforms at the mouths of major Teton valleys reveal longer-term fault movements, and sediment cores from lakes mantling the front of the range have revealed the timing of sediment pulses and the long-term patterns of erosion in the Tetons.  Together, these efforts reveal much new information, and also reveal how much remains to be learned.  Video