Wyoming's Geologic Resources, Hazards and Groundwater: Projects at the Wyoming State Geological Survey

August 17th (Tuesday), 6 p.m., Via Zoom (online) – Open to Public. Presentation: “Wyoming’s geologic resources, hazards and groundwater: Projects at the Wyoming State Geological Survey”, Presented by Erin Campbell, Wyoming Geological Survey

Wyoming’s financial health has long been tied to minerals extraction, and even in a changing world this remains true today (oil, gas, coal, uranium, trona). One of the State’s departments that is little known but instrumental in enabling this is the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS). But the WSGS contributes far more to Wyoming than only work related to mineral resources.  The WSGS is tasked with studying energy and mineral resources, geologic hazards, fossils, and groundwater in Wyoming.  From critical mineral exploration to landslides, the WSGS researches Wyoming’s geology to support the interests of the people of Wyoming. Dr. Erin Campbell, Wyoming State Geologist, will give an overview of projects occurring at the WSGS and will report on current geologic issues within the state.