2014 Programs and Materials

January 2014
The Blast from the Past! A decade of research on the Alamo impact crater in southern Nevada
 Leif Tapanila, ISU – SUMMARY

Snow, Avalanches, Run outs & WYDOT Avalanche Control in Teton Co
Rod Newcomb & Jamie Yount – MATERIALS A,  MATERIALS B

Do It Yourself Geology in Jackson
John Guslander – MATERIALS

February 2014
Geology, Scenery, & Trekking: The High Himalaya
Mike Adler – SUMMARY

Listening to the infra sounds of exploding volcanoes
Jeffrey Johnson Boise St – MATERIALS

Petroleum Exploration, Development, & Investing
John Willott and John Hebberger 

March 2014
Fossil Quarries of North America
Doug Bradstreet   Video

Volcanoes on the Verge
Ken Sims, U of Wyoming

Sniffing for Clues to the Dinosaur’s Demise: Importance of rhenium and noble metal volcanic fluxes in global biogeochemical cycles
Ken Sims, U of Wyoming

April 2014
Lake Powell, Jewel of the Colorado
John Sharsmith – SUMMARY

The Precambrian Geology of The Teton Range; A Window into the Tectonic Development of the Earth’s Crust
Ron Frost, U of Wyoming – MATERIALS

May 2014
Unconventional Energy in Your Future

Going Underground in a Trona Mine
Kent Fiske 

Trona Mining in Wyoming
Paul Peterson –

June 2014
Exploring the undersea geologic wilderness – why, how and what is down there
Barbara John, U of Wyoming

Landslides, Washington & Wyoming: Not uncommon at all!
John Hebberger & Wallace Ulrich – MATERIALS

The 6 Myths of Renewable Energy
J Willott 

Field Trip Univ of Utah & Utah Natural History Museum -Salt Lake City
J Willott – Photos

July 2014
Climate Change and the New Normal
Chris Poulsen, Univ. of Michigan – Video

Geology of Jackson Hole
John Hebberger & John Willott – Materials

Evolution of the Sevier and Laramide mountain belts: Wyoming’s changing landscape
Adolph Yonkee, Weber State MATERIALS 

Global warming and climate change: 45-million-year-old rocks in Wyoming support the concept
Ron Surdam – MATERIAL

August 2014
The Museum of Idaho: Race to the End of the Earth
Bob Rutford & J Willott – 

World’s Largest Eruption Since 1912: Mount Pinatubo, 1991
Bob Tilling, USGS – MATERIALS Video

New discoveries and insights on the dynamics of the Yellowstone hotspot
Bob Smith, Univ. of  Utah – VIDEO

Huckleberry Tuff and the Rise of the Tetons
B J Bjorken

Field Trip – Fossil Quarry – Trona mines – Coal mines & power plant
Wally Ulrich & John Willott

September 2014
Wild Rocks: A tour of the Gros Ventre Wilderness and it’s unique geology
Linda Merigliano, NFS – MATERIALS VIDEO

The Magical Kingdom of Bhutan: Geology, Scenery, and Trekking in the High Himalaya
Mike Adler – VIDEO

Assessing Geologic Hazards in WY
Mort Larsen, WSGS –

October 2014
Climate Change: Risk and Opportunity in the United States
Gov. Bill Ritter – 

Yellowstone: Studies of Ground Deformation
Dan Dzurisin, USGS – MATERIALS  Video

Dynamic evolution of a small volcanic complex in Big Bend NP, Texas
Lisa Morgan, USGS –

November 2014
Why did global warming stop in 1998?
Peter Ward – VIDEO

Rocks, Minerals & other neat things!
Doug Bradstreet – VIDEO