South Central Idaho - 2018

Geology field trip to South Central Idaho  April 20-23, 2018

 Terry Maley and Virginia Adler have set up a field trip for Geologists of Jackson Hole to visit several geologic features of central Idaho starting with Craters of the Moon. The date was April 20-22 Details   Itinerary  Description

Recent Field Trip to Central Idaho led by Terry Maley
Photos courtesy of Brent Schaffer and Bob Culver


Dr. Terry Maley


Our group at Gooding City of Rocks which is a tuff from a Twin Falls
caldera eruption. The tuff looks just like our Huckleberry Tuff.




Malad Gorge. An example of a stream that is much smaller than its
channel. The channel was carved by large flows from the catastrophic
drainage of Lake Bonneville.




The Snake River Gorge at Twin Falls. This is only place where we can
see the rhyolite which underlies the basalt of the Snake River Plain.






Twin Sister in the Albion City of Rocks. The left one is metamorphic
rock 2.6 billion years old, the right is a granite 28 million years old, both part
of a metamorphic core complex.