2015 Programs and Materials

01/13/15 – The Challenges of Forecasting Snowfall around Jackson Hole
Jim Woodmency – SUMMARY  Video

01/20/15 – Wildfire, Climate and Geomorphic Response across the Western USA
Jen Pierce, Boise St. – SUMMARY Video

01/21/15 – The future of nuclear energy
Dan Wachs, INL

02/03/15 – Blasts, bifurcation, and buoyancy: modeling tephra dispersal in explosive volcanic eruptions
Shannon Kobs, ISU  MATERIALS  Video

02/17/15 – The Teton Fault:New Data, New Interpretations
Glenn Thackray, ISU  SUMMARY

02/18/15 – State of Modern Cosmology: What YOU need to know!
Mike Adler MATERIALS    Video

03/03/15 – The 14-billion Year History of the Universe.  Leading to Modern Materials Science
Joe Greene SUMMARY

03/17/15 – Latest Pleistocene and Holocene geological and paleoenvironmental history of the Jackson Hole region.
Bill Eckerle  MATERIALS

03/18/15 – An Overview of Geothermal Resources of Southeastern Idaho
Tom Wood, ISU

4/7/15 Energy in Wyoming, the World:  Choices & Costs!
John Hebberger Jr.  SUMMARY

4/21/15 Phosphate: Without it, where would we be?
Julia Fletcher, Steve Gilmer, Brody Gibson  SUMMARY

4/22/15 How Rock from Idaho Helps Feed the World
Steve Gilmer, Julia Fletcher

May 5 2015  Climate Change Dynamics
Presented by Russ Brown, Corporate and National Laboratory research and development  MATERIALS

May 19 2015 Earth has Oxygen, Mars doesn’t … So Why is Mars Rusty?
Presented by Professor Carrick Eggleston, University of Wyoming.  SUMMARY

May 20 2015 Geologic wonders of the Gros Ventres!
Presented by John Guslander  MATERIALS

June 2 2015  When the Dust Settles: Importance to life through time
Presented by Sarah Aciego, Umich  SUMMARY

June 16 2015  Landslide Management: Examples from S CA and possible Teton County Application
Presented By Charlie Nestle, LA County SUMMARY  Video

June 17 2015 Grand Teton park: Nature or Culture?
Presented by Bob Righter

July 7 2015 Discovery of a continuous magma system from the Yellowstone mantle plume to the upper crust using new seismic imaging
Presented by Bob Smith, University of Utah  SUMMARY  Video

July 21 2015  Plates vs Plumes
Presented by Gillian Foulger,  Professor, Durham University, UK  MATERIALS  Video

July 22 2015 A Plate Model for Yellowstone
Presented by Gillian Foulger,  Professor, Durham University, UK  MATERIALS  Video Part One   Video Part Two

August 4  2015 ” Modern Cosmology: What we now know!”
Presented by Mike Adler, Geologists of Jackson Hole member.  SUMMARY Video

August 18 2015″ Tambora Volcano, Indonesia, 1815:  World’s largest and deadliest eruption in recorded history”
Presented by Robert I. Tilling, Volcanologist Emeritus, U.S. Geological Survey MATERIALS

September 1, 2015 ” Magnetism, Magmatism & Ice: traveling to the South Pole to understand magnetic field reversals”.
Presented by Mike Cheadle, Assoc. Prof., Univ. of Wyoming  SUMMARY  Video

September 15, 2015: ” The Story of Earth”.
Presented by Scott Adams, Chevron Corporation (Retired)  SUMMARY

October 6, 2015 “Geology of Wyoming—nearly 4 billion years of Earth history”
Presented by Art Snoke, Professor Emeritus, University of Wyoming  SUMMARY  Video

November 3, 2015 Utah’s Mining History  Video