2017 Programs and Materials

1/9  Public Hawaiian geology & Geologists of Jackson Hole Field Trip
John Guslander & Mike Adler – Members GJH  Summary  Video

1/17 Public Weather and Climate of Jackson Hole
Jim Woodmencey, MountainWeather.com  Summary  Video

1/18 Members Only      The Hotsprings of Teton County
John Sharsmith  Slide Show Video

2/7 Public Wyoming’s Dinosaur Discoveries. A Look at Wyoming Dinosaurs Around the World.
Jessica Lippincott, Executive Director, Big Horn Basin Foundation Summary Video

2/9  Public  Ship-to-Shore: Oceanic Ridge Deep Sea Science Expedition
John Cheadle, UWy  Summary Video

2/21 Public  Climate Change  – A longterm perspective on fire and ecological change in the Greater Yellowstone region.
Cathy Whitlock, Director, Montana Institute on Ecosystems   Summary Video

2/22 Members Only  Spectacular Newfoundland: Geology & Adventure
Mike Adler, GJH Video

3/7 Public Drones and Geology
Donna Delirate, ISU  Summary Video

3/21 Public  Astrobiology in Wyoming (aka The search for extra- terrestrial life in Wyoming?)
Suki Smaglik, CWC  Summary Video

3/22 Members Only Thermopolis Extremophiles,  Ski Smaglik, CWC

4/4  (Tuesday) Public,  “Hawaiian geology and the Geologists of Jackson Hole field trip”. Presented by John Guslander, Mike Adler, Geologists of Jackson Hole.  Summary Video

4/18 Public The Wyoming State Geological Survey: Its mission & contribution to Wyoming and the United States  Presented by Tom Drean, Director & State Geologist, Wyoming State Geological Survey. Video  Summary

4/19 Member Only  Deepwater Horizon Tragedy:Insider’s Perspective  Presented by Cynthia Blankenship

5/2 Public  Detrital zircons and the intriguing problem of the Late Cretaceous Harebell Formation and the Targhee Uplift  Presented by Paul Link, Geosciences Department, Idaho State University  Summary

5/16 Public  Energy in Wyoming & the World: Critical Choices & Costs!  Presented by John J Hebberger Jr., Geologists of Jackson Hole Video  Summary

5/17 Members Only. The Greatest Show on Earth, Rock and Mineral that is: GJH member Mike Scher discusses and shows photos from the 2017 Tucson Rock, Mineral Fossil and Gem Show. Tucson is like combining the Smithsonian, American Museum of Natural History and a bazaar where you can get really up close and even buy things you did not know even existed. Video

6/6   What punctuates the geologic time scale?  Presented by Peter L. Ward, Geologists of Jackson Hole.  Materials  Summary

6/20    Wyoming’s Ancient Ecosystems: Paleontological and Geochemical Evidence of Ecosystem Change over the last 65 Million Years. Presented by Mark Clementz, University of Wyoming, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics. Video Summary

7/3 Citizen Scientists and Sustainable Travel: Aiding Field Science While Exploring the Natural World from the Equator to the Poles. Presented by Sarah Aciego, University of Michigan. Video  Summary

7/18 (Tuesday)  Anatomy Of Old Faithful And Yellowstone Volcano Plumbing.   Presented by Bob Smith, Univ. of Utah, Dept Geology & Geophysics. Video  Summary

7/19 Members Lunch.  Magnetostratigraphy of Upper Permian to Lower Triassic.  John W. Geissman, Dept. of Geosciences, University of the State East of New Mexico at Dallas, Richardson, TX Video   Slide Show

8/1 The Greater Caucasus Mountains: A Natural Laboratory for Understanding the Initiation of Continental Collision. Nathan Niemi, University of Michigan  Video  Summary

8/5 Annual Geologists of Jackson Hole Barbecue  Pictures

8/15  50 Years of Plate Tectonics & its impact on understanding the tectonic evolution of Cuba.  Lawrence Lawver, Univ. of Texas Austin Video  Summary

8/16 Members Lunch: Changes in Southern Ocean Seaways and the Development of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, Lawrence Lawver, Univ. of Texas Austin   Video

8/18 Our Enigmatic Sun  from Air and Space by Prof. Peter Gallagher  Video

9/5  Eruption of Kilauea 1959 – 1960: Classic Example of Hawaiian Volcanism  Bob Tilling, USGS and Member GJH. Summary   Video  

9/18 – 10/3 Field Trip to Iceland

9/19 Building mountains in old continental crust: examples from the Northern Rockies and the central Andes.  Dave Pearson ISU.  Video  Summary 

9/20 Member’s Lunch: Extended Building mountains in old continental crust: examples from the Northern Rockies and the central Andes.  Dave Pearson ISU. Video

10/3  Natural Trap Cave, A Window into Wyoming’s Past.  PrGretchen Hurley, Geologist, Bureau of Land Management, Cody Office. Video  Summary 

10/17  Monitoring Glacial Retreat in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Justin Snyder, PG, Bridger-Teton NF, Robin Thomas, Geologist, GeoCorps.  Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee (GYCC) – Glacier Working Group.  Video   Summary

10/18 Member’s Lunch  Jackson Whole Grocer  Yellowstone – One of the World’s Great Volcanos – John Hebberger Jr.  GJH  Video

11/6 (Monday!) Reconstructing Early Paleogene forests, food webs and climate using the fossil leaves of Wyoming”. Presented by Esther Pinheiro, University of Wyoming Video  Summary

12/14 (Thursday),  “ Extraordinary in the Ordinary: The Hubble telescope – great images, incredible science”. Presented by Samuel Singer, Wyoming Stargazing. Video  Summary