2016 Programs and Materials

1/5 Scotland: GofJH Field trip & the Geology!   MATERIALS  Video Part Two  Video Part One
John Willott, Mike Adler

1/19 The sensitivity of mountain snowpacks: taking the pulse of a warming landscape
Sarah Godsey, ISU  SUMMARY Video

1/20 What Drives Climate &  a Look Into the Future, the Past
Mike Adler, John Guslander  Video Part One   Video Part Two

2/2 Skiing Across Antarctica
Aaron Linsdau  Video

2/16 Creating a Digital Wonderland: Unlocking Yellowstone’s History and Culture For a Mobile Device World
Yolonda Youngs, ISU SUMMARY  Video

2/17 Braided Channels and Lost Oars: Exploring the History of Commercial River Runners on the Snake River through Grand Teton National Park
Yolonda Youngs, ISU

3/1 The Response of Arctic Landscapes to Warming
Ben Crosby, ISU  SUMMARY Video

3/3 A personal and guided tour of the wonderful minerals and fossils at The By Nature Gallery
Kelly, Joe and Mike Scher

3/15 Wyoming Paleontology: Fossils that inspired a Nation
Laura Vietti, UW  MATERIALS

3/16 Looking Back into the “Oil-Biz” in the mid 20th Century
Pierre Marechal  Video

4/5 How the Rockies rose from the sea: crustal-scale seismic data and structural modeling from the NSF-funded Bighorn Project  Eric Erslev, UW/CO St  Video  SUMMARY.

4/19 Using Fossil Leaves to Estimate Early Eocene Climate of Fossil Basin (Green River Formation), Wyoming.
Arvid Aase, Fossil Butte NM SUMMARY

4/20 The True Physics of Flight
Dave Anderson   Video

5/3 Jackson’s 2017, Aug 21 Total Solar Eclipse
Weil & Singer  SUMMARY Video

5/17 Caves, Caving and the Death of Floyd Collins
Paul Heller, UW  SUMMARY  Video

5/18 Timing and magnitude of Mountain and Mantle Uplift during the Laramide Orogeny
Paul Heller, UW  Video

6/7 Granitic pegmatites – formation and mining
Mark Jacobson, retired Chevron  SUMMARY  Video

6/21 Paleoseismic record from foot of Tetons lakes
Darren Larsen, Univ. Pitt.  SUMMARY Video

6/22 Ditto to above, in more depth & details
Darren Larsen, Univ. Pitt. Video

7/5 Paleozoic Crinoids
Forest Gahn,BYU, Rexburg  SUMMARY Video

7/9 Stromatolite Hike  John Guslander, Mike Scher  SUMMARY

7/19 Version of “Basin & Range” or on the “Caucuses Region Geology”
Nathan Niemi, Umich.

8/2 Snowpack from Space / Greenland Snow Science Traverse
HP Marshall, Boise St.

8/16 Talk on Volcanoes
Bob Tilling, USGS

8/17 Presentation: ” MOUNT ST. HELENS AND OTHER VOLCANOES OF THE CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE”. Presented by Bob Tilling, Volcanologist Emeritus, Volcano Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey. SUMMARY>> Video

9/6 The Burgess Shale: The 2014 Marble Canyon Expedition through the eyes of a quarry hand”. Presented by Arvid Aase, NPS, Fossil Butte NM. SUMMARY>>

9/20 Satellites how they are made, launched and how they help us interpret our world
Brent Shaffer  SUMMARY Video  Materials

10/4 Iceland and Mid-Atlantic Ridge Exposed
Mike Adler  SUMMARY Video Materials

10/8&9 Snake River Plain Volcanics Field trip
Kobs Novatniak / Scott Hughes – ISU SUMMARY  Materials

10/18 Sedimentary Geology from Earth to Mars
Margie Chan  SUMMARY  Video

10/19 Hot Topics & Mysteries in Sedimentary Geology
Margie Chan  Video

11/1 The survey of the 1899 USGS Grand Teton Quad
Todd Cederholm OnSight Survey  SUMMARY Video Materials

11/15 All about Craters of the Moon  and its Amazing Geologic Story
Doug Owens SUMMARY

11/16 Extraordinary in the Ordinary, the Hubble telescope, great images, incredible science
Sam Singer